• Cezar VE3LYC — “Just to Thank You!  Congrats to the entire team and GL.”
  • Bruce VE1NB — “That’s quite the impressive operation this crowd is running.”
  • Enno PF5X — “These are the kind of DXpedition I really like: relatively small size, but still relatively large impact, no big money, no big egos => FUN !”
  •  Toshi  JA2VPO — “Many thanks for nice DXpedition to A9 (AS-202). I was glad to work your station A91HI on 6 Bands and 3 modes. So, I did OQRS for you twice.”
  •  James N8KDX — “You guys did an awesome job on the DXpedition!  Look forward to future QSO’s with your team!
  • Eduard YV5GRB“I am a ham since 1977, and never had the opportunity before to work Bahrain. Thank you again, and also for uploading them on LoTW.”
  • Cliff G3NDC —  “Thank you for excellent operation from A91HI. Congratulations and best wishes.”
  • Owen G0PHY“I was very happy to work you. Thanks for activating this new IOTA.”
  • Mel AB6QMExcellent DXpedition – Congratulations on a wonderful IOTA activation !
  • Trevor AB5EU“Thanks for your awesome support Charles!” [QSL manager for A91HI]
  • Dave WA1TFV“Great job Fellas!
  • Don EI6IL“Thank you for the activation”
  • Michael OE6OMDGreat job done!! Congrats to you all !! Many thanks for the new one!!!
  • Bob KD1CT — “The A91HI operation was sensational! It was a pleasure to have made a pre-op donation and below are details of my QSOs and I look forward to the QSL card!”